Secondary Usage

Guidelines for secondary usage and fan fiction

ASOBIMO establishes guidelines as below, for the secondary usage and fan fiction of the games ASOBIMO owns the copyrights of (OUR GAMES).
The content of the guideline is subject to change without prior notice.
Please agree beforehand that ASOBIMO is not liable to any damage caused by the revision of this guideline.

This guideline constructs a compartment of Terms of Use.

If the usage is compliant to this guideline, the report of usage is unnecessary.

1. OUR GAMES that can be used for secondary usage and fan fiction under this guidelines

Alchemia Story
Aurcus Online
CelesArca Online
Ellicia Online
Iruna Online
Petit Chronicle Online
Stellacept Online
Toram Online

2. Contents of secondary usage and fan fiction that are allowed for OUR GAMES

I. Creation, exhibition, and distribution of Illustration, Fanzine, Comic, and Novel
II. Creation and distribution of three-dimensional item such as Figure
III. Creation and distribution of Cos-play Costume (for all ages)
IV. Cos-play of character (for all ages), publication and distribution of Cos-play photo or video
V. Introduction of game contents using the captured regular gameplay video or screenshot

3. Regarding the usage of video and screenshot on video sharing sites and social media

Posting video and screenshot are allowed without ASOBIMO's permission if compliant to the contents stated in "4. Prohibition"

4. Prohibition

Below are the prohibitions for secondary usage and fan fiction of OUR GAMES.
I. With or without compensation, usage for profit purposes with considerable feasibility
*For Fanzines and related activities, if ASOBIMO judges that the profit is not excessive, it will be deemed non-profit activity.
II. Content against public order and morality
III. Content deviating our game's image, or content that detract our game's image
IV. Usage of content that ASOBIMO does not own the rights to, such as collaboration content
V. Creation and publication of fan fiction with game element
VI. Content that violates or threatens ASOBIMO's or third party's rights
VII. Usage that is prohibited individually by OUR GAMES
VIII. Usage of video or screenshot that has been captured or extracted by method other than regular gameplay
IX. Other content that is judged by ASOBIMO to be inappropriate