About Aurcus Online

Developer Comments

"Aurcus Online" is a 3D MMORPG for smartphones featuring Non-targeting combat system. The non-targeting system allows players to expand on character controls with more real time-like and exciting battle compared to MMORPGs with targeting combat system.

Developer Comments

The Story

Levaria, the land protected by the spirits.

Countries have fought with swords and magic for hundreds of years for their order and independence.
A few years ago, the advent of the Dark Force brought further chaos to the world. Nations were perished overnight and many towns were invaded. Not only monsters getting wild in various places but also the ancient beast is about to awake by the dark power of death.

Even though there were enmity from the past, countries lead by Galleria Kingdom formed a stateless organization, "Sword of Aurcus" under ancient spell "Blood Oath" to face the dark force.
People start to gather to join the organization. And you are now one of them…

The Story

The Story

The PvP function

Team Death Match
Team match from 2 to 40 players. Points will be given by defeating the opponents. The team that reaches the target points that was set in the "Room" will be the winner. If time runs out, the team with highest points will be the winner.

Sphere Match
Team match from 10 to 40 players. Points will be given by attacking the "Sphere" located in the center of the arena, destroying the opponent's Sphere, or defeating opponents. More points will be given by destroying the Sphere, so various tactics will be needed to win the match.



Classes in Aurcus Online

Players will travel the world as a member of a stateless organization "Sword of Aurcus".
A player chooses one of 4 basic classes. These classes later derive to more specialized classes.

Close combat attacker
Swordsman can use weapons going close to enemies giving out powerful physical attacks with their robust body. Warriors well trained in battles with moves to fight against any battle situations.


Block and support type
Clerics are saints that follow the Light Spirits. They follow the god and give pray. Have the powers to come front enemies and recover allies. Highly spirited class with tough defense to protect allies.


Magic attackers
Magicians are users of magic with deep knowledge. Controls magic by collecting rods and crystals and casting spells. Some spells are with spirit elements and some are forbidden spells that call the darkness.


Bow type Class
Scouts are marksmen with high visibility. They sneak up close and observe their targets. Good in finding the right place to shoot and finding the weaknesses in enemies.


Game Summary

Title Aurcus Online
Price Free to Play
Compatible devices iOS6.0 or later, Android 4.0.3 or later
*Some devices are incompatible
Official Website https://aurcusonline.com/
*Viewable on PC and Smartphone
App Download URL GooglePlay:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.asobimo.aurcusonline.ww
Official Social Media Facebook Page:https://www.facebook.com/ww.aurcusonline/